10 May 2005

Test Drive

Originally uploaded by Budmulla.
This is just to test using flickr to post pics to my blog ...im still so new at this and im trying to work out the best way to have a cool template and upload pics.

Flickr has been very cool so far ... it is pretty easy and its free!

19 January 2005


Well dont look like this blogger thing has been much of a sucess!! lol

Ive been doing stuff! I finished my certificate in business administration course and have been unemployed since december.
I think i might get a job soon ... it be nice to have $$ again.

I had to go to see about doing this work for the dole stuff.
They want to try and send me to work at a recycling centre which i knew was really a way of saying "youll be working at the rubbish tip".
Um no thanks not for me i thought.
So i told them i had a project of my own!
I want to work for the local museum and scan all the old pics they have.
They said yeah cool!! So with a bit of luck ill avoid the recycling centre.

Ive also been doing a bit of volenter Bush fire fighting and that has been interesting. I got a nice new set of boots and ive been out to a couple of fires, nothing major .. mostly just grass fires started by trains throwing off sparks in the heat onto the grass. I took a couple of pics when i was out on the truck and id like to take more .. but i fear that it looks a lil odd and people might mistake my love of taking pics for being a pyro lol.

Hopefully ill post some more soon.... this one has been a draft for way too long.

31 July 2004

About everything and nothing

Here it is the start of my blogg stuff, im wondering if this thing will have the stamina to keep my intrest up?, or will i just end up being an blogger adictt adding something new everyday.. hmmm.

I do think this whole blogg thing might be good ... i have never kept a diary so this is kinda a new experience.

I do think that righting stuff down is a good way for getting some thoughts and feelings out so ill see how it goes. :)